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Minding Emoceans Meditation

Minding Emoceans

Do you mind your emoceans?

Emoceans are like waves, they are caused by outside effects like wind from a storm. They can last for what seems like forever with great intensity. 

When you bring what you are feeling to your conscious mind, you can discover why you feel this way, how you can learn to move past it, and begin to manage your emoceans when you are struggling to ride the waves. 

This meditation practice is known as Mindfulness.

Below are steps on how you can bring your awareness to your emoceans, listen to them, and express those feelings safely so that you can become a better version of yourself.


Oh hello emoceans! What’s your name?


Why have you come to visit me today? It’s okay to feel this way.


Do I need to give into these emoceans? Will giving into these emoceans help me to grow? Do these emoceans feel good in my body? Where can I feel them in my body?


How can I express what I am feeling while still coming from a place of love?


What would help me move past these emoceans safely? Can I do that? If not, what are some of my other options?

Remember to breathe. 

This exercise is good to use during an internal storm; journaling about an event that took place; or meditation. Writing down the answers to these questions could be beneficial to your growth by presenting things that may reside subconsciously. With time and practice, you will have mastered mindfulness to wield peace during all the chaos.

Digital med cards are available for free. Just click the download button to get yours. You can also purchase a laminated med card by clicking on the product.

How are you minding your emoceans? Let me know below.

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Chakra Affirmation Meditation

Chakra Affirmation Meditation

It is at the core of our beliefs that we can manifest anything we desire into existence. If you can feel it, you believe it, and therefore it is.

Our truth lives in our beliefs.

As we go through this human experience sometimes we get lost along the way. We may be confused due to societal norms and social constructs that we are no longer fitting into but we resist the change. We resist because we fear rejection.

Today I would like to share with you another mindfulness practice that could help you find your way during those times you seem to be lost. Use these steps below when you need them and do not focus on getting anything right. Just go with the flow.

Affirming You

Quiet Space

When doing any meditation it is best to find a space in or outdoors that best suits you. It doesn’t have to be silent but it is best to find somewhere that is calm with minimum interruptions. You can also practice this at your sacred altar but it is not necessary.


Once you have found your space to be in for the moment, sit down, and take some time to move or stretch your body. Do not worry about how this should be done. Just listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you.

Moving the body will help the energy flow through you and minimize the urge to move excessively during the meditation.


Take a moment to do some conscious breathing. Take a deep breath in your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this until you feel it is time to move to the next step.


Take your hands and place them over your chakra, starting with your root, and just focus on what you are feeling. As the words come to you sit with them. Let the emoceans or words that come up tell you why they have come to visit and what their stories are.

Once you have listened to everything, take the time to use the beginning of the phrases in the image above to affirm who you really are.

ExampleIn my root chakra I feel unstable. I would then choose to use the affirmation “I am stable and secure”.

Take your time with each chakra, starting with your root chakra or crown and then flow with the current of energy that flows through you. I recommend starting with your root chakra first for the best results.

Seal the Deal

Once you are done give thanks to the Universe and Spirit for connecting with you as you discover yourself and affirm you. If you would like to sit in this moment you are more than welcome. Give yourself time to come back and begin moving again until you feel you are ready to get up.

Tip: If you would like to keep track of your progress you can journal about your experience to refer back to it at a later date.

I hope that you find this mindful meditation a very helpful and healing practice. If you have any questions please contact me. If you would like to leave a comment about your affirming experience please do so below. I would love to hear from you.

Remember to always do your best.

You can download this med card for free at any time. You also have the option to purchase a laminated copy for a long lasting durability.

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Blood Moon Meditation

Blood Moon Meditation

The strawberry full moon will show her face tonight! For some that means the start of menstruation and for others that means standing by as this 7 day experience takes over. During this time, you may find yourself swept up by everyday life or doubled over in pain.

Hell you could be doing both.

Sometimes you may forget and not make any room for you to deal with what’s happening here which is…detoxing; a cleanse. I don’t mean just physical either. You can detox mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. It can be very helpful for you and your body if you set some time aside to be one with all the parts that make up…you.

Not only are you not mindfully aware of what you are in need of but maybe your partner is too. A lot of our male counterparts are unaware how to help because they are so disconnected from the experience. When you join each other to become one in a sense, I believe your experiences should be your own as well as shared with the other.

This is includes your menstrual cycle.

I was tweeting about this the other day and decided to bookmark it to further elaborate on it via a blog post.

I knew this would be a good topic to create a meditation that you could practice with or without your partner. I am really excited to see if this could possibly blur that line between men and women by educating men to erase the false perception of what’s happening for women. This could be a good way to connect on an intimate and energetic level bringing you closer by innerstanding one another deeply.

Blood Moon Cycle Meditation

Create A Space |

Set aside a block of time with your partner (preferably the first day or night). Find a space that you find comfortable to your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Silence all the interruptions and play music that you connect with your emoceans as well as your body.

Set An Intention |

Enter this space with this statement…

“In this space we are two but we share as one. I am love and I am loved. You are love and you are loved. I am opening my heart to you and your emoceans. I can let the waves wash over me and feel them to the depths. I am not moved by fear but by deeply innerstanding.”

Food |

Intuitively choose food that your body is asking for. I also recommend choosing red and orange fruits and veggies as they help bring healing to the Root and Sacral Chakras.

Meditate |

There are many ways that you can meditate or be mindful and sitting still is just one of them.

During this time focus on your body, mind, and heart. As the words and emoceanss come up share that with your partner. Let it flow and as you go deeper, use this time to converse how these thoughts and emoceans make you both feel.

Try to connect to where these feelings might be coming from externally and why it triggers you internally. As long as you listen to what your emoceans are saying it should be easy for you to express how you feel without it flooding the room and drowning your partner. If you have a hard time with this (which is okay) recite your intention again (you can purchase the meditation card in the shop to refer back to).

If you feel compelled to touch the location of where your partner is feeling these emoceans, do so. Send loving energy to the area and say whatever comes up.

Journal |

The best way you can track growth is by journaling. Keep a journal that you both share for this day specifically to take note of what happened. Make sure you write down the things that stood out to you the most.

Close |

End this session with a hug or cuddle. Take some time to rest because emoceans can be draining. Continue listening to music, talking, and eating.

I hope that you found this meditation to be healing and eye opening. I hope that your partner is able to grasp a deeper sense of what you are going through and feel safe expressing themselves. Remember to be open to vulnerability and be grateful for the rawness in these moments.

Let me know how this meditation went for you and your partner. I would love to hear your experience.

You can download a digital copy of the blood moon med cards for free below. You also have the option of purchasing a laminated print for long lasting use.