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Minding Emoceans Meditation

Minding Emoceans

Do you mind your emoceans?

Emoceans are like waves, they are caused by outside effects like wind from a storm. They can last for what seems like forever with great intensity. 

When you bring what you are feeling to your conscious mind, you can discover why you feel this way, how you can learn to move past it, and begin to manage your emoceans when you are struggling to ride the waves. 

This meditation practice is known as Mindfulness.

Below are steps on how you can bring your awareness to your emoceans, listen to them, and express those feelings safely so that you can become a better version of yourself.


Oh hello emoceans! What’s your name?


Why have you come to visit me today? It’s okay to feel this way.


Do I need to give into these emoceans? Will giving into these emoceans help me to grow? Do these emoceans feel good in my body? Where can I feel them in my body?


How can I express what I am feeling while still coming from a place of love?


What would help me move past these emoceans safely? Can I do that? If not, what are some of my other options?

Remember to breathe. 

This exercise is good to use during an internal storm; journaling about an event that took place; or meditation. Writing down the answers to these questions could be beneficial to your growth by presenting things that may reside subconsciously. With time and practice, you will have mastered mindfulness to wield peace during all the chaos.

Digital med cards are available for free. Just click the download button to get yours. You can also purchase a laminated med card by clicking on the product.

How are you minding your emoceans? Let me know below.

Do your best. Respect others.